Criminal Law FAQ

court roomWhat are your fees and how much is a consultation?

Our fee structure depends on the charges and facts of each individual case. We understand that it is important that our clients know the cost of defending their charges. For this reason, we offer a free one-hour consultation to assess your individual situation. Once we have met with you and assessed the charges and evidence against you, we will provide you with a detailed, realistic cost estimate.

What do I need to know about preparing for bail?

Bail (or judicial interim release) is one of the most important stages in a criminal proceeding. It is extremely important that you are represented by a reputable lawyer who will ensure you are released on reasonable conditions. Being subject to prolonged and restrictive bail conditions can adversely affect the preparation of your defence.

At Criminal Lawyer Toronto ON, we know how to craft the best plan for your early release. Our panel of personal injury lawyer Toronto, car accident lawyer, and injury lawyer are all knowledgeable and experienced in their field, leading to successful legal verdicts that are awarded in your favour.

For most release plans you will require the assistance of a surety. A surety is responsible for monitoring the accused person after his/her release on bail to ensure that s/he attends court as required, complies with the conditions of release and does not commit any further criminal offences. A surety is often required to give or promise security to the court at the bail hearing.

Your surety:

    – must be able to supervise you in the community
    – cannot have a criminal record
    – should not be a surety for someone else
    – should be in good health
    – must have known you for some time
    – must be able to pledge some type of security or post a cash bail
    – will be prepared by one of the members in our team

Bail conditions depend on the nature of the individual case, and a member of our team can advise you of typical conditions that may apply in a particular case.

What should I tell my lawyer and is it confidential?

As a general rule, all communications between a lawyer and a client are protected by solicitor client privilege (or lawyer-client privilege). The privilege is yours and can only be waived by you. This privilege is very strong and will even survive the death of the client.

It means that the lawyer must hold in the strictest confidence all communications between the lawyer and the client. As is the case with all rules, there are some exceptions. You should consult with your lawyer about what these exceptions are.

There are some lawyers who operate under the policy that they do not want their clients to tell them what occurred at the incident that led to the charges. These lawyers do so because they believe if their clients tell them that they have committed a crime, the lawyer can no longer defend them.

We believe that all information about the incident should be shared with the lawyer who ultimately defends the client whether that client admits guilt to the lawyer or not. Our team knows that being prepared for the best possible defence means knowing everything there is to know about our client’s case. We are the experts when it comes to legal representation, with diverse expertise and experience as criminal lawyers, personal injury lawyers, and car accident lawyers serving across the Greater Toronto Area.

We pride ourselves on being very prepared and developing innovative defence strategies and legal services based on a complete investigation of your case. We do so while holding the information you provided to us in the strictest of confidence.

More information about Toronto personal injury law can be found in this video:

Practice Areas

mallet of judge

Bail and Bail pending Appeal as well as charges involving breach of recognizance

Domestic Charges – including Domestic Assault, Assault causing Bodily Harm, kidnapping, forcible confinement and any other offence with which a spouse can be charged in the context of a relationship

Drinking and Driving Offences – including Impaired Driving (DUI), Over 80 Operation, Criminal Negligence Causing Death, Dangerous Driving Causing Death

Regulatory Matters – proceedings before the Law Society of Upper Canada, the College of Physicians of Ontario, the Ontario Securities Commission and the Competition Bureau

Sex Offences – including sexual assault (with a weapon or causing bodily harm), sexual interference, child luring, possession of child pornography

Drug Offences – All offences under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act

Homicide – including manslaughter, criminal negligence causing death, failure to provide the necessaries of life, first and second degree murder

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